Caden (The Harlow Brothers: Book Two) Prologue Excerpt

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I debated whether or not to post this, but I figured why hell not. I was going to do a live reading of this anyway in my fan group, so at least now everyone will get a sneak peek into the newest Harlow brother. 
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The Harlow Brothers

Book Two

By Brie Paisley


Copyright © 2017 by Brie Paisley

All rights reserved. This is not to be copied, shared, or produced in any way without the written consent of the author.




Everything I’ve ever known has been based off a lie.

I remember the exact moment my entire world changed, and that moment changed everything about my life. I hadn’t realized the truth could alter so much that I never thought possible. The people I trusted the most lied to me and now the truth is out, it can’t be undone. The truth is much worse than their lies. To be honest, I wish they would have never told me their secret. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be questioning everything about my life, my family, or even myself. I wouldn’t have gone so long feeling as if they betrayed me, and I can’t lie and say they didn’t break my trust. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what could’ve been or how my life would’ve turned out had I never known I was adopted.

I was sixteen when my parents told me the truth. Before the truth came out, I was shy, quiet, and the good girl. But afterward, I changed into someone I didn’t recognize. Their news devastated me in ways I never thought possible, and I wasn’t the same young woman I thought I was. Drinking and drugs became my means of coping, and I can’t even count the times I’ve been in trouble for it. No amount of talking or counseling helped. After my parents told me, I could see the differences in us. Like how I didn’t look anything like my mom who has strawberry blonde hair to my dark brown, or like my dad’s brown eyes to my bluish green ones. Both my parents are tall while I’m short. Not to mention, I’ve never once seen a picture of myself as a newborn. The thing is I was happy with not knowing. I didn’t want to know, but I was forced to see what was staring right at me my entire life. After the truth, my once simple life turned into chaos. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t understand why my parents lied to me my whole life, and why they finally decided to open up about my birth. The worst part about it is that they had no idea how much the truth would hurt. Not only am I dealing with my parent’s lies, but now I have this gaping hole inside of me.

I don’t belong anywhere because no one seems to know where I come from or who my mother is. What’s worse is the fact I have so many questions I’m dying to figure out. Questions that plague me every single second of the day. I don’t know her name, how old she is, or what she even looks like. Does my biological mother even know my name? Did she just give me away because she didn’t want me? Was I a mistake? These questions have been circling around in my head for years. My parents wanted me to wait until my eighteenth birthday, before they would give me anything to go on. I’ve been so angry with them for dropping a bomb like this on me, but yet they chose to make me wait for the answers I needed. I know my parents love me. They’re loving, caring, and they would do anything for me. But at the same time, I have to know why my biological mother gave me up. Why didn’t she want me? Why didn’t my parents want me to find her until it was the right time for them? I secretly searched for over a year for the answers I so desperately craved, but it seemed at every turn I hit a wall. Every lead I thought would get me closer to the woman that gave me away ended abruptly. Eventually I gave up, thinking I would never find her. I didn’t do it willingly. No, it’s because I had no hope left in me.

My second year of college, I’d finally got a break in my search. My adoptive father was the one that handed me the key to finding who my biological mother was, and I know he did it so I could move on. At the time, I thought I was hiding the pain of not knowing my birth mother or how I was handling it. But Dad and Mom knew of the downward spiral I was still on, and honestly I don’t think I could’ve stopped myself if he hadn’t helped me. The smart thing to do was to finish my college degree, but I was eager to find the truth. At twenty-two, I left behind my friends and family to chase after a woman that probably never wanted to meet me. Mom and Dad both warned and pleaded with me to let it go, but the thing is I couldn’t. I love my mom and dad. I’m grateful for everything they’ve ever done for me, and even though I knew everything I did, I still packed my bags and left for the small town in Mississippi.

I don’t know what Columbus, Mississippi has in store for me or if it will have the answers I’m searching for, but I have to try. Dad gave me a copy of her driver’s license, and I’m determined to find Tammy Richards and all the answers she knows. It’s only a matter of time before I finally know the truth, and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be free.