I was left heartbroken, alone, and eight months pregnant, and I never imagined a complete stranger coming to my aid. He saved me, but then, he offered me my greatest temptation. It’s the chance to become someone else entirely, and that is one proposition I don’t know if I can refuse. Or if I even want to…

One mistake is all that it took to change my life completely. Instead of working towards my carefully planned future, I’m now faced with obstacles I never thought I would have to handle.

My plans were simple and easy.

Then Viktor Matvei came into my life, turning everything upside down.

From the moment I met him, I felt this strong pull of attraction. He makes me want to forget about all the rules and break every single one.

The longer I’m around Viktor, the more my temptation grows. There isn’t any stopping him from taking what he wants, but I fear if I give into him, then he’ll have the power to ruin me forever. But temptation never tasted so sweet.